07 October 2007

Holiday Weekend Browsing

More East Coast vs. West Coast VC Arguing
The business equivalent of the Red Sox vs Yankees rivalry around Boston is the coastal financing superiority argument. Scott Kirsner reports on the latest, between Draper and Maeder.

A Non-Bullet-Point Presentation
"Inbox Zero" by Merlin Mann. [Lifehacker.com]

A Mass MoCA Exhibit and the Kitchen Lighting it Expires
Co-worker Josh has a nice writeup of a current exhibit and the interior design it inspired.

Nearly Real-Time Flight Tracking
This site is incredible. You can see continuous-time flight path tracking for any flight or any airport. Try it out: flightaware.com.

Simply Too Low-Brow Not to Link to (you've been warned)

Simply Too High-Brow Not to Link to (a tabloid about the West Coast VC scene)


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