19 October 2007

Weather, DNA, IQ

Hi -

I'm enjoying a good evening over here. It's raining heavily, and I'm upstairs in my new study working through a programming book.

As usual, here are a few links you might get a kick out of:

The creator of the MIT Press logo (and, you know, modern interactive media!)
"Muriel Cooper: The unsung heroine of on-screen style," in the International Herald Tribune.

Real IQ = (width)(height): David Gelernter
Check out Prof. Gelernter's submission to Brockman's "what's your equation?" piece. As you know, Gelernter is a pioneer of parallel computing, artificial intelligence, and has the awful distinction of being a target of the Unabomber at Yale.

Fashion versus Culture?
And this, from Stewart Brand.

A Tiny Do-it-yourself Motor!
From BoingBoing TV.

Irony: 111 Shirtless Men Shopping @ Abercrombie & Fitch
Check out this prank / art event / cultural statement.

Technology Review's expose on "quants" (quantitative traders)

Van Halen Pitch Mishap
If you like VH and get a kick out of snippy musical criticism, check this out & the accompanying brief writeup. Hah! "jump (in pitch)!" from rw370.

"How soon can I google my date's DNA?"
A few bullet points from the master of sequencing, Craig Venter, including "You have more individual bacteria living in your body than you do human cells."

This is some awesome weather
Alright, here you go. Weird bars of clouds (video).

Back to my books...


Matthias said...

What book?

G-Fav said...

Uhh, "C++ Primer" by... I can't remember. The nice people in the xkcd forums recommended it. Not enough exercises in it for my needs (yet), but the writing is really clear.

Amazon link.

I'm using the Xcode IDE on my MacBook.


RLM said...

Thanks for the Improv Everywhere link! I'm loving not just the Abercrombie prank but many of their others as well. Did you see their "Moebius" one? Brilliant.