27 November 2007

Amazing Flight Delay Map, and Design, Design, Design.

Happy Holidays! Welcome back.

Flight Wait. Do me a favor and click here. It's a 1-page website that shows you how delayed flights are into various airports with color-coded lines.

A new design firm that's not bound by engineering reality: non-object. (Thanks, DOliver!)

Grand Theft Auto-esque Coca Cola advertisement. (YouTube)

Brief Andy Warhol "interview." Y'know, I've heard about his style, but I've never heard an interview. (YouTube)

This guy designs the fake futuristic computer interfaces for movies: Mark Coleran. His demo real most definitely doesn't suck.

Intrigued by what's on the computer screens in Star Trek or being manipulated in Minority Report? Reality is pretty much in sync with the dreams of special effects artists. Here are a few examples:

You've probably seen Jeff Han's fabulous touch screen and very thoughtful demos (turn up the volume):

The folks at University of Toronto made a 3-D CAD program that interpreted how you point and "squeeze" your fingers as commands to a mechanical design program. It won the UIST 2004 Best Paper Award:

(Click here for .AVI video, and here for the paper.)

The Microsoft Surface (yes, this is real):

You can have wall-sized or book-sized holograms made-to-order from Zebra Imaging:

...and can mix computer graphics with reality to get "augmented reality," in which the synthetic objects act like they're being pushed around by forces in the real world:

And I should plug Actuality's 3-D display; here's what it looked like back in 2002:

Want to learn more about advanced human-computer interfaces? Check out Prof. Hiroshi Ishii's lab at the MIT Media Lab: the Tangible Media Group.


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