19 November 2007

Ivy "Football," iPhoto, and stuff

Hello -

We returned from a weekend in Connecticut to visit family and go to The Game, shorthand for the annual Yale / harvard football game. My friends know that I'm more of a fan of the tailgate than the sport, but this year was a bit of a doozy for all of us: the pre-game traffic was molasses (forcing GEB to deposit her car exactly 2.8 miles from the Bowl and walk there with little Edith), we lost big time, and... well, actually, that's it. J-Fav, T-Fav, and I got some dinner with GEB somewhere near the sea of abandoned cars and then rounded back to campus for a sentimental walk at night.

(Alumni: new buildings! everywhere! CCL has been replaced by Bass Library. There's a giant concrete-and-glass engineering building next to Watson. The Trumbull basement now looks like a high-end rebuild of WLH.)

Photos of the game. If any of you want your likeness removed, just email me.

The Game 2007

Click to see some photos of The Game.

Oh, and:

iTunes trick. Wish there was an easier way to automatically give good names to your photos, other than DSC00421.jpg? Well, after you import your "roll," select the photos, go to Photos > Batch Change. Select "Set (Title) to (Text)", type in a label, and check "Append a number to each photo." and blam-o! Everything's renamed and numbered!

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