01 November 2007

Just saying "hi"


Sorry, I'm going to indulge in a bit of traditional what-I-did-tonight-though-no one-should-care blogging to displace the usual 400 links at midnight.

After work, J-Fav, T-Fav, and I tried some of Trader Joe's "just heat it up" Chicken Fajitas and Carnitas (the latter being quite good). After helping a post-Halloween sleepy Toby to bed, we did an enormous garbage run and exhausted the evening's Tivo buffer (which fortunately held The Office but unfortunately not 30 Rock). I did a little personal website updating (new patent, woo-hoo!), and I searched the bookshelves of the house for two books that I just got but cannot, for the life of me, find: Edward O. Wilson's Consilience and Bob Southard's Ordinary Secrets.

Ordinary Secrets is a heartfelt book written by a businessman who, behind the scenes, spent many years quietly investigating meditation and reiki, traveling to beautiful locations to commune with nature, and mastering hypnotherapy. He distilled his findings - as "ordinary Bob" - into a collection of thought exercises and affirmations. It's very distant from the stuff I usually read, and I am enjoying it. Adding to the enjoyment is that Bob was a co-worker of mine, and I keep scratching my head over all the additional things we could have talked about if only I knew that these things were among his interests! Anyhow, you might want to pick it up. [amazon]

As I write this, it's a quarter to midnight. Eddie "Danger" Favalora (our cat) is curled up in a ball, sleeping on the blanket that J-Fav is snoozing under. Her inner clock magically puts her to sleep at exactly 11 pm, something she's demonstrated for eight years now. The only thing I manage to do at 11 pm is become more awake!

I am beginning to see why so many blogs are of this I-brushed-my-teeth-today variety. I will spare you except to add that I have kept with the two things on my "personal syllabus:" learning Mathematica and C++, although, frankly, I am unhappy with the C++ book I chose despite seeking the advice of experts on the xkcd fora. (Note to self: get C++ Primer Plus, and put down The C++ Primer!) The little makeshift study in our guest room has been a good place to hide and read for an hour each night.

It wouldn't be G-Fav's blog without a list of things to click on.

  • Geometry Wars is coming to Wii and DS
  • RLM points out The Mobius (several minutes of seemingly random activity at a Starbucks repeats for an hour)... I also liked Slo-mo Home Depot
  • Sugar Skull tutorial
  • A good graphic design laugh: "The best and worst (corporate) logo remakes of the century" (here)
  • How did I miss this? Tay Zonday's "Chocolate Rain."
  • "The New Nostradamus," an article in Good about an NYU politics professor, Bruce Bueno de Mesquita, and his extraordinarily good predictions about foreign policy (and other matters).



Ian Varley said...

Don't know what C++ book you're working through, but my all-time favorite is "Thinking in C++" by Bruce Eckel. Might be hard to track down now, but it's really great as a "thinking person's" C++ book. Eckel is a great writer and lays out WHY things work in certain ways. And for that matter, two other recs on coding I'd make are a) The Best Software Writing Vol 1 by Joel Spolsky, and b) Code Complete (by I forget who).

G-Fav said...

Hey, it's good to meet you, if only asynchronously... I'm using The C++ Primer (Lippman, I think?). I have an old version of Deitel & Deitel, too. Thanks for the suggestions. I read Joel's blog from time to time & certainly enjoy that.