17 December 2007

How to Ask Questions the Smart Way


We're back from a fun weekend tour of CT and NJ to visit grandparents. (And to do some evening snow shoveling before it freezes the next day...)

Those of you who have used techie help forums know that there are good ways and bad ways to ask technical questions. Evidently there's been a document online with some thoughtful points on the topic of, "How to Ask Questions the Smart Way." Even if you're just using Apple's online help forums, it's worth seeing what (the particularly opinionated) geeks like to see before they'll stoop down to answer you.

Oh, and here are two humorous bits from McSweeney's:

"Yiddish Spam" by Matthew Brozik.
"Some Relatively Recent College Grads Discuss Their Maids," by Ellie Kemper.

Finally, for those of you who read xkcd, here is an article summarizing how to find resistances of various resistive grids: "Infinite resistive lattices," Atkinson and van Steenwijk, Am. J. Phys. (1999).


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