09 December 2007

These Would Sell - Part 1

  1. Massless kitty litter ("New Scoop-Away Zero-g(tm)")
  2. EZ-install/-remove air conditioners ("Now with handles - and on rails!")
  3. Spice containers labeled up near the cap
  4. LED billboard for your car ("Next time use your turn indicator BEFORE you turn, dimwit!")



Matthias said...

Hey, the LED in the car was *my* idea! I'm sure I have the patent around here somewhere to prove it. But I want it on the back of the car, to say things like, "Sorry, I didn't mean to cut you off, please don't shoot."

On the kitty litter, massless is nice, but I'd go for odorless and infinitely absorbent as long as we're violating the laws of physics. (Surely improved kitty litter handling is one of the joys nanotechnology will bring us before it kills us all.)

G-Fav said...

Have you tried "Scoop Away Unscented"? Ever since a friend suggested it, we've liked it a lot. I mean, our cat has liked it a lot. Seriously, it is very forgiving of forgetfulness.


Matthias said...

I'm not sure actually, I got a different kind recently when that was available and I can't remember which kind it was. Might've been that one. If it wasn't, we'll try it.