07 January 2008

CES 2008: Three Interesting Displays

Powerpoint in Your Pocket
It's CES 2008. Texas Instruments demonstrated a much-anticipated prototype of a "picoprojector," a projection display mounted in something the size of a remote control. The concept is that one day, your cell phone could contain a projector! Here is a video clip from Gizmodo.

Fabs Churning Out Glass the Size of Queen Size Beds
Oh, and, lest you think the LCD and plasma displays at Best Buy are large, check out this 150" plasma. (This is a tremendous technical feat, requiring making glass the size of your bed with limiting thickness variations to the order of microns, but I won't bore you with all that.)

Samsung's 3D-Ready HDTVs
Presumably you'll need to wear polarized glasses a-la IMAX, but still.


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