16 January 2008

A news site shows you... how to cite it

Sure, a recent article in ScienceDaily about "acoustic cloaking" is interesting, but check out the bottom of the page - there is a box that hands you MLA and APA bibliographic references in case you choose to cite them.

(article link via GeekPress)



Matthias said...

I don't get it. What's the big deal about this?

G-Fav said...

Dude, are you like my new heckler or something? Are you low on psyllium husk supplements?

Uh, I don't know. Isn't it curious though that they'd tell their web developer to "put a little radio button interface at the bottom to spoon-feed two citation styles instead of just listing them or not offering them at all."

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Matthias said...

Dude, two comments in two posts. Don't freak out, it won't go on forever.

Anyway I was just curious if that was supposed to be innovative in some way that I wasn't seeing. HighWire journals let you download citation lists into citation handling software like EndNote, for instance, but we don't display particular formats (I assume the software handles that).

RLM said...

The software does handle the citation formats, if you're viewing the article in some resource (such as HighWire) that has easy exporting to EndNote or similar. However, in this case I think it's nice of ScienceDaily to display the formats most used by undergrads, if they can't offer actual citation exporting. Sure saves me the headache at the reference desk of YET AGAIN hearing "how do I cite this in my paper?" I don't know! I have not memorized the APA style guide! Look it up! :)

G, did you ever think this would be a post that would generate this much discussion? :)