13 January 2008

A simple salad

(Owning up to the "...and food" part of this blog's description.)

The other night I was cooking from one of my favorite cookbooks, the out-of-print and frankly dubious-sounding Bon Appetit Every Night Cooking: Fast and Fun: A Real-Life Guide to Getting Dinner on the Table [amazon], and came across a really basic but very light, lemony side-salad.

  • Some decent salad greens (the expensive leafy stuff in a plastic box, good for three dinners)
  • A lemon to squeeze out a few tablespoons of fresh lemon juice
  • Two garlic cloves, chopped up
  • 1-2 tablespoons extra-virgin olive oil
  • A few turns of good (i.e. Kosher or sea-) salt and pepper

That's it! In my opinion, a whole family of good salads are those that make you sweat from the acidity. To get the companion recipe, I'll spare you the tasty details about seared marinated lemon-garlic shrimp and warm new baby potatoes.


ps Oh, the Pats won again. J-Fav and I were out seeing the movie Juno - go out and see it! - and returned home to find the last few seconds ticking down. Why though, in the post-game press interrogation, are there so many questions about what clothes the athletes wear?

pps Okay, more about Juno. Here's the trailer. It's edgy and smart and funny and just a very nice film. Although the trailer (and the first 30 minutes of the film) would suggest that the director might be a bit inclined to copy the visual and musical vocabularies of Wes Anderson, really, honest, it's a good movie. Don't worry about the xylophone-laden soundtrack. Heck, one of the other songs includes the words, "I never met a Toby I didn't like." ("Tire Swing," Kimya Dawson) How about that?


GEB said...

Thanks for the movie rec. T and I were going to go see it this past weekend, but we seem to have a history of not following through on any plans we make for my birthday. Somehow early January seems to be a time of year that crushes all intentions to exert effort. You've inspired me to renew the search for a babysitter...

G-Fav said...

Hi -

Jenn had this neat idea (or, at least, I like to attribute it to her) of "baby swapping." Really, it's sitter-swapping. One night, a friend's parent comes to our house while T-Fav sleeps so that Jenn and I can go out for a few hours. We "repay" them by returning the favor. So, in a few nights, one of us will sit on our friend's couch while their toddler sleeps.

Try it!


Matthias said...

I made it to "Juno" last night myself actually. Really great little film, innit?

GEB said...

Yeah, we kid-swap with friends, too, but usually in a more conventional babysitting sense with awake kids. The friends prefer to be at their own home after the kids are asleep (carpal tunnel=working only in home set-up). We might still have been able to manage something with baby monitors and the downstairs neighbors, but we felt guilty about not having managed to call at least a few hours in advance. I'm telling you, January inertia.