05 January 2008

Upcoming 3-D Display Conference

Hello -

This is a reminder to 3-D-philes everywhere that it is now time to register for the SPIE-IS&T Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference, which is the place to be to meet 3-D display researchers from around the globe. Learn more about SD&A 2008 at http://www.stereoscopic.org/.

Speaking of which, Actuality Medical is presenting two papers - one regarding our work in applying volumetric 3-D displays to cancer treatment planning, the other about how to get 20 million pixels out of a projector that only has 0.8 million... and how to make a defocused projector look better than it ought to on its own.

For those of you who enjoy cross-eye stereo photographs, here is what the volumetric system looks like. The numbers in the upper right are actually floating above a medical scan - they are a "3-D ruler" measurement in virtual space. (To view this, cross your eyes so they overlap, and then let yourself relax for a good 30 seconds for the focus to become sharp.)

This is an image of a patient with a large brain tumor, as if looking down, looking up at the ceiling.


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