23 February 2008

Back from NYC

Hi -

Thank you for your well-wishes for our invention competition journey in NYC! Alas, we didn't progress beyond the finalist stage, but looking around at the other finalists we were proud to be there.

Saatchi & Saatchi treated representatives of 10 innovations to a luxurious week in the city, including a hotel stay in what I imagine is one of the hippest places to be in Soho - 60 Thompson - an example of clean-edged, minimalist design staffed by who we all presumed were models waiting for their big break. We dined with scientists and judges from around the world and learned about straws that purify water, brain implants for the blind, and collapsible wheels. It was particularly fun to meet HRH Princess Badiya (of Jordan), who really endeared herself to the fellow scientists. I certainly didn't except to share an elevator with a princess and her bodyguard when I arrived in NYC...

J-Fav and I got a particular kick out of some of the shops we encountered, such as "Rice to Riches," a stark white-and-orange hangout that serves 20 flavors of rice pudding over a backdrop of thumping dance music. We also enjoyed "Evolution" (thanks, Nick!), a skeleton-and-icky-creature-themed-place that sells skeletons, framed gigantic bugs, and all manner of teeth.

We're back in Boston - Grandma Kathy headed back home - and we returned to normalcy by taking Toby for a good old fashioned day of sledding down the snowy slopes of Arlington.

Saatchi NYC Trip


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We wer there-proud Daddy Vin