28 February 2008

Free Mac / WinXP Remote Desktop, and Music

Hi -

Remote Desktop
Did you ever wish you could remote-control someone's PC or Mac desktop, to, say, help them out with their computer from afar? I asked around and was eventually directed to something easy and free: LogMeIn Free for Mac. If you want to control someone's Mac from either another Mac or a Windows box, it's a breeze.

Chill Music
Came across some interesting mixes on iTunes. "Annual Design Review 2007" reminds me of the background music in hip clothing stores, although, really, do you think you'd find me in a hip clothing store? (The bluegrass version of a U2 song is a curious addition.)

Also, someone cobbled together most of the soundtrack of the "Helvetica" movie. (these links open iTunes) Many of the tunes are from the band El Ten Eleven.

NPR listeners will recognize "Everything Is Alright" from Four Tet. While this was looping on our MacBook tonight, J-Fav kept saying, "Hi, I'm Tom Ashbrook..."

By the way, iTunes now lets you embed playlists in blog posts. Unfortunately, clicking on a song launches iTunes rather than playing an embedded preview. Let's give it a try:

This Is An Experiment


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