13 March 2008

An easy one for the engineers...

This episode from the webcomic PHD Comics, "Downright Pathetic," is for the engineers out there. It reminds me of the ranting about the quality of undergrad literary analysis on some friends' blogs, but the scary/funny-because-it's-true element of it is that the spelling can be completely overlooked in this case.

I think I overstated that.

Whereas Matthias was generous enough to offer 10 whole bloggie points for answering his recent font nerd question, I think this one is only worth 1, redeemable for... for what... for the guilt-free right to completely ignore my blog for a week? I don't know. (NB: correcting the spelling doesn't count.)


ps BONUS FOR LINGUISTS AND THOSE WHO READ ENGLISH, GENERALLY! "WTFCNN?," a blog of deserves-a-second-look CNN headlines.

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RLM said...

G, thanks for WTFCNN. Awesome. :)