27 March 2008

A gaggle of links - from Edison to layoffs!

Hi -

This is an email from the head of C|Net regarding layoffs that Valleywag correctly described as Dilbert-esque. Can you imagine getting this internal reorganization memo?

Part of one of the "it's not you, it's me" lead-in paragraphs actually is: "Our focus was on creating a leaner centralized organization that provides expertise and best practices around areas of excellence, efficiency, and governance such as IT architecture, SEO, yield monetization, facilities, legal, HR and communications; evolving our editorial teams so everyone is focused on content creation; innovating our technology infrastructure to embrace open APIs and drive more efficiencies throughout the organization; and finally, simplifying our sales approach by building on the traction of our partner account strategy."


Type Camp (ie typography camp)

"The World's Worst Toaster" (Seth Godin) on product design and knowing one's customer.

Pretty glitch art

From the analog design files...

Do any of you engineer-readers remember the Smart Dust military project? Check out Figure 2 of this journal article from IEEE SSC (pdf), "An Ultralow-Energy ADC for Smart Dust."

Gray and Meyer on MOS op-amp design (pdf)


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