11 March 2008

IMAX U2 3D will blow your f-ing mind... OMG!

My adrenaline is still pumping after caching a late showing of "U2 3D" at the local IMAX (Jordans in Reading, MA). I've been in the 3-D field for what, 20 years?, and am still trying hard to tone down the adjectives that describe how exciting and engrossing this experience was. To say that I was blown away seeing this rock concert from the audience and band members' points of view is an understatement. I couldn't believe my eyes, my ears, or for that matter my body, which felt like I was inside a subwoofer for an hour, dancing with the crowd.

If you're near a good, modern, 3-D theater - like IMAX, Real D, or Dolby - and if you love or perhaps can just barely tolerate U2, please take my word for it and go experience this show.

Heck, here's what an actual journalist has to say about it at Wired.




Matthias said...

Seriously, even if you don't like U2 all that much? Like, really?

Matthias said...

What if we can't find a furniture store to see it at and have to go to an actual movie theater?

G-Fav said...

Hmm... certainly any reputable shoe store would have an IMAX, too.

In retrospect I should have said "only kind of like" instead of "barely tolerate." But either way, this was quite the medium in which to experience a performance.