25 March 2008

Late to the party: Google SketchUp

Hi -

Sure, it took me several years before I finally tried the (free!) Google SketchUp, a surface modeling application for XP and OS X. Yes, it's ironic, being in the 3-D business, and all. I found out that it's fun!

In 10 minutes you can follow a tutorial in (yes) Google SketchUp for Dummies to make a simple doghouse:

You can change the time of day (and month) to move shadows around:

Then, you can even click some buttons to make it look like you sketched the model freehand, using some non-photorealistic rendering:

Now if I can just figure out how to insert photos in Blogger at the cursor location, rather than having them default to the top of the post...

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Matthias said...

Oh, yeah, SketchUp is incredible. Now what you want to do is go over to Go-2-School and watch yourself some awesome instructional videos. I've been downloading them as a podcast for a while now. SketchUp is amazingly powerful and has all kinds of hidden features and tricks built in, and these training videos are a great way to see how they work.

The other thing you want to do, if you don't have it already, is get one of these guys.

Also check out the Sutro Tower model I made a couple years ago -- or just launch Google Earth and turn on the 3D Buildings layer, because they put it in there. How cool is that? (Of course that was the last model I actually made, but whatever.)