20 April 2008

Grilled shrimp salad... easy, tasty, and protein-riffic

Here's a sunny-day recipe that hit the spot now that the clouds have parted over Boston for a whole day. I wanted something lemony and light that would keep me full & could be prepared in a matter of minutes while Toby was outside playing with mom. I guess this is a dumbed-down version of Legal Seafood's "grilled seafood antipasto."

Woah, I just checked two menus, and it looks like that's no longer available. That's too bad. That was one of the few reasonably-priced dishes there that almost lived up to the hype. Anyway, then:

Uncooked, cleaned, shelled shrimp (10) (TJ's)
Italian vinaigrette, e.g. Brianna's with the strawberry on the front, or something less sugary
3 rolled up deli slices of Swiss cheese
3 rolled up deli slices of turkey
Salad greens, something light and leafy and fancy-looking; not that crunchy crap (TJ's)
1/2 lemon (TJ's)
vegetable oil
those little cherry tomatoes (5-ish) (TJ's)
salt, preferably sea salt if you're snooty like me (TJ's)

TJ's = available @ Trader Joe's

  • (Defrost if needed + wash) + marinate the shrimp in a glass bowl for 5 minutes in the vinaigrette
  • Clean your oven's broiler & prep it by moistening a paper towel with some oil, and rubbing the broiler grille. Preheat the broiler.
  • Put on the oven fans. Really. Don't come crying when your smoke alarms go off.
  • Now that five minutes have gone by... With tongs, shake off the vinaigrette from each shrimp & place on the broiler.
  • Cook the shrimp for 2 minutes on each side. Watch and smell so you can remove the shrimp if the sugary vinaigrette starts smoking.
  • Arrange the greens, tomatoes, and deli slices on a plate.
  • Put those good-looking shrimp on that.
  • Squirt it with the 1/2 lemon.
  • If you don't mind sweet plus salty, sprinkle a tiny bit of sea salt on it.
  • Bask in your all-consuming awesomeness.

Hey, wow, as I'm typing this out, birds are chirping over the sound of a fife & drum corp practicing for this afternoon's parade.


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