15 April 2008

Interlude: humor

Two McSweeney's lists:

"Lowbrow TV Programming for Linguists" (Andrew C. Duenas)

"An Accidental Merging of the 2007 Billboard Year-end Hot 100 with the Operating Report from My Bowel Resection" (Greta Boesel)


ps An extra, for Yalies: "What's in a (Yale) Typeface?" (YDN) Drat! I thought it was Palatino!

pps An extra, for those hoping to impress at get-togethers: Wonder how to play the piano part of U2's "New Year's Day"? Though I don't know what's better, the tutorial, or the guy's little brother. (YouTube)


Flavia said...

There was an awesome article about Matthew Carter, the Yale typeface designer, in The New Yorker a couple of years ago. Apparently the full text isn't yet available on-line, but the citation and a weird summary/stub is here

G-Fav said...

Woah, that "stub" is really freaky. I wonder if it was generated by an algorithm... or a hapless intern?