12 April 2008

Projecting onto surfaces of arbitrary shape and orientation

Johnny Lee, a grad student at CMU, has received much well-earned notoriety for his use of Wii technology to get viewer position-corrected imagery on a 2-D display. (I.e., it seems 3-D because the imagery is portrayed with a perspective that matches your location, even though it's monoscopic.) You may have seen videos of this - if not, I recommend it! (YouTube)

You might not have seen his work, though, in projecting imagery onto surfaces of arbitrary orientation and shape. (Imagine that you are an architect who wants to simulate correct daylight and shadow onto building mockups, or...) See these two videos.

You can learn much more about these technologies here. By the way, Johnny's website is here: http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~johnny/


ps In other news - is it just me, or are the Boston-area allergies just INSANELY bad this week?

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