28 April 2008

Props to 07052

Okay, that was a bad play on words.

This is just a note to folks from my home town of West Orange, NJ that the local mall up here off the Route 128 corridor is the set for a movie produced by Adam Sandler starring Kevin James ("King of Queens"). Yes, while one wing of the local Burlington Mall is ascending into 1980s-style materialistic yuppiedom a-la Nordstom, the rest is set up with faux winter props several stories high. It's weird. The movie, "Mall Cop," is... well, that's all I know, actually.

Oh, 07052? The fake mall signage props refer to the place "West Orange Mall." Actually, it's neat to see the extent to which they make the temporary changes so realistic. (Except for the Nordstom, which is unfortunately real, as is the new Ruehl clothing store, with pulsing music, mirrored walls, and disaffected teen service staff.)

Hey, look, I'm from NJ, okay? Malls are, you know, like baseball games to Bostonians or (gosh, insert pseudo-intellectual finisher here...)... or... ah, like Robert Lowell to Elizabeth Bishop. Or, ah that's enough. I have expended my one-trick-poet reference annual budget. (Note to my wonderful wife: hey, look, someone's heard of Yaddo other than you.)


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Matthias said...

"produced by Adam Sandler starring Kevin James"

Wow, how could that possibly go wrong?