03 April 2008

"Time to Pretend"

Hello -

I finally tracked down the highly-engineered song that elbowed its way onto the otherwise grunge-heavy radio station the other day: "Time to Pretend" by MGMT, a tongue-in-cheek bit about the music industry. Available for a free listen at YouTube, give it a chance beyond the first 30 seconds.

While that's playing in the background:

  • Joel Spolsky on "The Bionic Office," an essay on architecting an office that helps software engineers do their best work.
  • The unfortunate rebranding of White Castle
  • The 1970s Radio Shack 150-in-one electronics kit. My grandfather bought me this when I was what... 6...? and it got me hooked on electronics.
  • Genetic algorithms superstar Melanie Mitchell's class, "Nonstandard computation"
  • Hey Cambridge/Somerville entrepreneurs: any of you been to the coffee club?
  • I am very slowly learning C++ on the evenings in which I'm actually still conscious between 8pm and 10pm. Motivation? I need a substrate in which to think greedily about time series estimation (cough) financial market prediction. That would be an excellent use of GPUs...
  • Perhaps if I include a link to the Calacanis / Demo concurrent scheduling tirade, it'll magically disappear from the news sites I read.
  • One can only hope.

1 comment:

sheryl k said...

Aha, the 150-in-1. I only had the 50-in-1 which explains why I went into theoretical math followed by sales.