14 May 2008

Call for Abstracts: Stereoscopic Displays & Applications... 20th Anniversary!

3-D displays, stereoscopic movies, perceptual science, and Hollywood

January 2009 will mark the 20th Anniversary of the annual Stereoscopic Displays and Applications (SD&A) conference. Submit an abstract for presentation at the conference to be a significant contributor to this important event. SD&A 2009 will be held as part of the IS&T-SPIE 21st Annual Symposium on Electronic Imaging, 18-22 January 2009, San Jose Convention Center, San Jose, California, USA. This is widely considered to be the key conference for stereoscopic technologies, drawing researchers and industry representatives from around the world.

Topics include:
  • Stereoscopic display and stereoscopic capture (including 3-D movies)
  • Autostereoscopy (volumetric, holographic, and multiview / lenticular)
  • Multiscopic image processing & rendering
  • Applications: medical, military, and entertainment
  • ...and a really great demonstration session where you can see current advances in 3-D display - this usually includes the latest breakthroughs in autostereoscopic cellphone technology.

Abstract (500 words) Due Date: 16 June 2008

Final Summary (200 words) Due Date: 17 November 2008

Manuscript Due Date: 22 December 2008

Conference Dates: 19-21** January 2009 (est.)

If you are interested, please take a moment to visit the conference website, at http://www.stereoscopic.org/. See photos of the 2007 event here.


p.s. We regret that the session regarding gin culture may be replaced by advances in lenticular display.


Matthias Ferber said...

Dude! Can you score me a free pass?

G-Fav said...

Unfortunately, I can't. And there is pretty tight security there, too. As the date approaches we should check the price of seeing just the exhibition area, though. That might be easier. (These things are priced for corporate R&D budgets.)