19 May 2008

DoD money for bio-inspired urban "insects" - and...

The Department of Defense SBIR program is now accepting grant applications for the current cycle.

One of the solicitation items, A08-056, grants Army money for "Bio-Inspired Battlefield Environmental Situation Awareness." That is, human engineers haven't been able to design something as tiny and versatile as a hummingbird or dragonfly yet - and it would be a useful wartime tool to have something like that under our control: "PHASE 1: Develop a conceptual bioinspired navigation system for micro-air vehicle situation awareness in complex urban terrain. The Phase I report should discuss the environmental awareness challenges for such a system and detail a conceptual design for coping with those challenges."

Anyway, you can learn more about how to apply to this or typically 100s of other DoD requests here, like A08-078, "Detection and location of home made electro-optical booby traps."


ps And... A new sci-fi book, Daemon, has been getting great reviews for realistically mixing computer science, private equity, and... well, hey, one Amazon comment is: "Buy it. Read it. Give it to a friend. I actually slapped myself on the forehead twice reading this thing."

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priscian said...

Re the PS: Daemon sounds similar to another good book, Rob Sawyer's Terminal Experiment (Nebula Award, 1995)—for those interested in the conscious-computer sub-genre, another example of which is Sawyer's upcoming WWW Trilogy. I'm not a shill for Sawyer; just sayin', ya know?