09 May 2008

Going for it

Do it already!
Designer Alexandra von Feldmann's "Birth Clock" looks like a glass dome with a digital clock inside - turned off. When you smash the glass, though, the clock becomes active, and starts ticking upwards. "...it is designed to help you come to a decision when you're stuck at a specific point in life." See it here. (Found it via Godin's blog.)

From the Quantitative Trading Blog
Regarding stock pricing and earnings announcements.

Physically pixelized art
Devorah Sperber's work is now at Mass MoCA - her arrangements of (for example) spools of thread become recognizable works when viewed through simple optics. Here's a photo, and here's her exhibit at Mass MoCA.

International Dialects of English Archive
Hear clips of people from different states and countries reading specially-designed texts. Here's one from Massachusetts. Here's the top-level menu, from which you can listen to Saskatchewan, Maine ("downeast farmer"), and a guy from the Bronx born in 1940.

I just returned from a business trip to Saskatchewan, actually, which was really great - everyone I met was so friendly, amplified by many sentences ending with "for sure - you bet!". (I don't know, Jenn, could I have been sensitized by our watching clips like this?) Also, I managed to bring a Japanese geocaching travel bug from Waltham, Mass. to Regina, SK!

For Douglas Coupland Fans
In the NYTimes (2006).



RLM said...

Holy cow, G, I love you for posting the link to the International Dialects of English Archive. How AWESOME is this stuff?!? :) I can't believe I didn't already know about this resource. Listening to a couple samples from the Philly area made me homesick...

Also, I don't always like modern art, but the example you linked to, with the spools of thread, is really cool.

Thanks for the fun links! Glad you enjoyed Saskatchewan. Did you run into my cousin Josh? :)

Jennifer said...

rlm-- I agree the dialects page is awesome, but it would be a lot better if the three "New York" samples weren't all from NY freakin' C. There's a whole state up there, people!!! I was looking for voices that would make me homesick and I was sorely disappointed.

I wonder if my ling creds are still good enough for me to apply to submit samples. If not, Dr. Moppety, Buffalo needs you to represent!


RLM said...

Ooo, good point, jfav. Upstate NY for sure has a recognizable accent unrelated to NYC (my cousins from Utica have it). Actually if you look at the PA samples (all 8!), they are all from the Philly area -- which works fine for my purposes, but the Pittsburgh-area accent is way different, and it *is* weird that that's not included. Maybe some of the Ohio ones would be similar to Pittsburgh, but maybe not. The folks at IDEA do need to be more thorough!