23 June 2008

A few shorts

Hello -

Thanks for sharing your viewpoints on the previous post, which actually became a subject of Scott Kirsner's column in the Monday The Boston Globe.

So, dear readers, I've been busy, busy, busy. Interesting and complicated projects are afoot at work, including the end of six months of preparation for a six-hour "event" that I hope to be able to talk about soon.

Also, J-Fav and I have been preparing for the arrival of our second child in a few months. (Truth be told, Safiri and hubby have done most of the heavy lifting so far. This was a weekend of IKEA furniture assembly; and learning from our fine tongue-in-cheek academic friends that "the difference between commas and semicolons is that commas are for short pauses and semicolons are for long ones.")

Here, then, are a few shorts:

Winner, this week's subject line of earnest but inscrutable e-mail
"Subj: Final Reminder: Self-service Password Resets Over the Phone Webinar"

I thought it was a headline about an aggressive self-service password. "Resets" is a noun!

Serial Number Marketing
I agree with Seth Godin's stance that serial numbers should have some product-marketing consideration given to them; e.g., don't use O and (zero) in the same SN.

A Project: Cool Epoxy-Encapsulated Night Light
As if by tremendous cosmic coincidence, the last 40 hours I spent at work trying to encapsulate a 1" x 1" circuit board in a rectangular prism of clear epoxy has been met with a fun project in Make magazine: "Cosmic Night Light: Make a glittering LED constellation jammed in resin - with no soldering!"

By the way, I've been using this stuff from MG Chemical to pot our PCB. My results have been difficult to predict: sometimes it cures wonderfully, sometimes 5% on the bottom fails to cure. Anyone have experience with this?

Some Brainstorming Sessions Actually Use Mind Maps?
Check out this photo, which I think is from Steve Jurvetson's flickr thing.

Matt Brackett: Artist's Work Now at the DeCordova
Enjoyed the paintings of Matt Brackett. Check out his use of light in "Bedtime Story" and "Preparations at Dusk."


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