16 June 2008

Free TXT answers to short questions

Want free answers to Google-able questions texted to your cellphone?

On TiVoCast, The New York Times's David Pogue demonstrated ChaCha. Just call 1-800-2ChaCha on your cell phone & ask your question at the beep. A real, live, human guide will research it and text the answer to you in a few minutes.

I thought I'd try it out just for fun. It's free! (Except, of course, for whatever you're charged for receiving text messages.)


ps Question 1: "What's a good recipe for roast chicken?" (Asked at 9.28 pm. Answered 9.37pm.)

pps Question 2: "What's the wavelength for red of a helium neon laser, in nanometers?" (Asked at 9.30 pm. Answered 9:46pm: "632.8 nm...")


RLM said...

So, a), have you tried the recipe yet to see if it's any good? b) did they send you the text of the recipe, or just that link to the foodnetwork site? and c) was the 2nd answer about the wavelength correct?

And d) does this mean I'm out of a job as your personal reference librarian? ;)

G-Fav said...

Hah! (a) No. I have something simpler that I like a lot. (b) Yeah, they texted as much as they good, like chopping up some celery, but they gave a URL for the whole answer, and...

I'd say you're pretty firmly established as my CTU representative of choice! Don't worry, I won't dock you any points for asking (c)! :-)