28 June 2008

Still a softie for science

As "positively parodied" by a recent xkcd strip, here's 60 seconds for science. Turn on your speakers...

(sigh) I certainly am a nerd. Oh, here is the xkcd strip:

Click here for the big one.

Have a good weekend,


RLM said...

If you are a nerd, I am too -- loved both the video and the comic. I need to watch more Discovery Channel. And read more xkcd, apparently. :)

sheryl k said...

Thank you for posting that. All day I had been wondering what the heck xkcd was parodying. Now, we can't get the song out of our heads! Everything we've done today has been to the tune of, "I love these eggs, I love the Boston Globe, I love laundry, I love going to the gym..." We haven't gotten the scanning down just right yet.

G-Fav said...

@rlm & sheryl - Tell me about it... I've had "boom de yada" in my head for two days now. Fortunately not much rhymes with my current preoccupation, "prostate brachytherapy."