14 July 2008

Starbucks Vivanno: fail?

I interrupt the usual haughty erudition of this blog to bring you some night-before-the-actual-launch review action of a new Starbucks drink, the banana-chocolate and shot of espresso "Vivanno."

This baby packs 16 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber and... it tastes like it. It reminded me of a combination of light cocoa, some faint (but real!) banana, the airiness of a cosmic marshmallow, and a ground-up cardboard box.

Ah, well. The folks at the local Starbucks were really excited for me, so that I could leave my Monin banana syrup at home.

[Edit, Tuesday: Hmm. I just sampled it again at a different Starbucks and it was... good. Sampling error, maybe?]

Okay, back to the erudite haughtiness. If anyone has any questions about, I don't know, optics or medical imaging or something, ask away.


ps I think I get points for not using the phrase "epic fail."

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victorcrowns said...

this guy is obviously a vivanno fan: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oajXKguvJKA