14 August 2008

Digital TV issues: TiVo and RCN near Boston

Yikes - I came home from a bunch of business travel and am suddenly wondering how to handle the changeover to digital TV in our town of Arlington, MA.

So - I'm trawling the message boards to see (1) how to connect TiVo (Series2, v 9.3...) to the new system, and (2) why we only have 20 channels now.

If anyone recently worked through this, I sure would love the input. At the moment, I am under the impression that I need to locate the "IR blaster" that came with our TiVo, so that it can change the channels indirectly, and to call RCN to find out where our channels went.



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G-Fav said...

Update: TiVo is working wonderfully - its pair of IR transmitters actually work as advertised. I feel like a robot is changing the channels, but who cares?

We are still trying to figure out what happened to the other 60+ channels we used to get. We suspect this will be an excuse for RCN to upsell us to some grander package.