04 August 2008

Science Foo Camp

Hi -

This weekend I have the opportunity to go to "Science Foo Camp," an informal meeting organized by O'Reilly, Nature, and Google situated at the Google campus. Colleagues describe it as an un-conference in which participants with widely varying backgrounds spontaneously sign up to give (60-minute?) and hopefully back-and-forth discussions about topics such as: my time in space(!), extending the human lifespan, biological engineering, etc.

Am thinking I'll give a survey about hologram-like display technologies, and the underlying components which enable them. Looking at this year's attendee list, I have to admit it's a little daunting. But that's the plan.

photo of 2007 conference board (Steve Jurvetson, flickr)



Matthias said...

Oh, man... JEALOUS.

No free time this trip, I suppose?

G-Fav said...

Hey man - No, it would have been fun to hang out though. It looks like things are happening until 10pm or midnight on Fri and Sat, and then I'm taking a redeye home. I'll email you if that changes. -g