08 September 2008

BEAM robots & Esquire video

Hello -

There are some intricate, hand-made, analog, simple "robots" that are classified in their (Tilden-esque) BEAM taxonomy at Simon Fraser's site. Neat stuff! I might've first read about these back in 1998, and still intend to try to make some. Gotta find my old Weller soldering iron...

Also - the Esquire magazine with E-Ink cover (and inside advertisement) is out. Already, YouTube videos are available:


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G-Fav said...

Yay, J-Fav snagged 3 copies of these limited-edition Esquires from B&N today. (While, you know, we're all waiting for her to go into labor at any moment.)

It's neat! There is more heft to the embedded electronics and batteries than I expected. Also, I know that E-Ink is a bistable display technology, but there's something very 3-toned about it. I wonder if that's a trick of perception.

Someone at MAKE unpeeled the front cover to show us what's inside. (BTW, what's with the recent overuse of the verb "hack"?)