26 September 2008

A defense-oriented braintrust you might not have heard of, and...

"JASON members all have security clearances, and they include physicists, biologists, chemists, oceanographers, mathematicians, and computer scientists. They are selected for their scientific brilliance, and, over the years, have included eleven Nobel Prize laureates and several dozen members of the United States National Academy of Sciences." (Wikipedia).

Here is a supposed list of members. If this is up your alley, see Ann Finkbeiner's The Jasons: The Secret History of Science's Postwar Elite. It's at Barnes & Noble stores, and available through Amazon.

GOOD Magazine: Pay what you want.
Subscriptions to GOOD magazine are now "pay what you want," down to $1 that's donated to charity.

The Week magazine
Have you checked out this weekly compilation of news from the US and around the world? Highlights include: summaries of top news stories, impressions of what others think of the US, interesting real estate finds, explanations of key issues "from scratch," and snippets about good television programming, food, and gadgets. If I only subscribed to one news publication, this would be it.


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