19 September 2008

It's a Boy!

Hi there -

We joyfully welcomed our new baby boy - Gabriel Mark Favalora - this Thursday in the wee hours of the morning. Little "Gabe" is doing well and is blessing us with quite a bit of cozy sleep-time while mom and dad recharge our rest-batteries. We are particularly thankful that Gabe is happy and healthy, and that we have family members having fun with Toby back at Chez Favingham.

His middle name is in honor of my brother, Mark, who passed away when I was younger.

At long last, Toby got to meet Gabe - he's been talking about him for months. Ultimately, we used the name we chose rather than Toby's, because Toby wanted to name him "hot dog." Although I think that would have been cool, too.

Toby sizes up his little brother.

(You know, just in case you missed my announcement on any other remaining electronic media...)

So, blogging will be light for the time being as we settle in.



Joost Bonsen said...

Hey cool, congrats!

Anonymous said...

You guys are great-more joy has come to us-we love you.

Daddy Vin

Grandaddy Vin