11 September 2008

Math art: click, stand back, and squint

Hi -
I did a new round of portraits that play on simple themes of image processing. (Back in 2006 I did a few by hand, here.)

Here are a few fun experiments with various types of halftoning, in which you draw a bunch of little discs whose sizes are proportional to how dark those parts of the photo are. You can take it to extremes:

Graphics[{Table[Disk[{j,Dimensions[photoregion][[1]]-i}, dotsize[i,j]],{i,1,Dimensions[photoregion][[1]],1},{j,1,Dimensions[photoregion][[2]],20}]},Frame->True]

Graphics[{Table[Disk[{j,Dimensions[photoregion][[1]]-i}, dotsize[i,j]],{i,1,Dimensions[photoregion][[1]],3},{j,1,Dimensions[photoregion][[2]],1}]}, Background->LightBlue]

Hey, it's J-Fav as if drawn by an old thermal-paper fax machine.

1 comment:

matthias said...

I recognize that photo of J-Fav! I took it in 2000. Is that the only picture of her you have?

Great post though.