07 November 2008

Despite, well, the economy tanking and all, New England young high tech cos are alive and well

Hello -

This morning I went to an interesting breakfast discussion for tech entrepreneurs that was organized by tech columnist Scott Kirsner and graciously hosted by ZINK Imaging's CEO, Wendy Caswell, here in Bedford, Mass. The missions? (1) Share what we're doing, particularly in the consumer electronics space, and (2) keep chunking along towards Scott's vision of reaching out to students before they flee MIT for California's warm coasts and increasingly imaginary pots of VC gold.

For your keeping abreast of the latest-and-greatest tech stuff, take a look at:

ZINK's zero-ink full-color photo paper, as used in instant print cameras. I'll keep it at that, under the presumption that what we learned this morning should be off-the-record.

WiTricity's efforts to commercialize "wireless power transfer" methods for, say, keeping your gadgets charged. The key scientist won a Genius Grant for this MIT-based work. Read more, including real science papers, here.

Tenebraex Corp's optical products, such as nanotube-based optical coatings that prevent reflections. Their President, Peter Jones, also deserves special attention for using that Latin-esque character that combines "a" with "e." (I can hear my friend Jim Java asking why there's no octothorpe or interrobang. Go ahead, look those up.)

Tired of paper cluttering up your house? Pixily's Prasad Thammineni to the rescue!

Do you want to know when your favorite artists are touring near you while you still have a chance to see them? Check out tourfilter.

And my company, Actuality Medical, has been quickly and quietly doing a certain something that will soon be able to give doctors a big helping hand at treating prostate cancer.


ps Oh, and no, CNN's "holograms" were NOT HOLOGRAMS. Insight Media's Art Berman explains more in a brief piece in Display Daily.


Matthias said...

"...give doctors a big helping hand at treating prostate cancer"

And this big helping hand, will it be wearing a big latex glove? One hopes.

Jennifer said...

Gregg is laughing so hard over my shoulder that he almost woke up a snoozing Gabe...

Anonymous said...

How about this: Tenebræx!? It's already an odd word, though, without the interrobang. The æ diphthong (which can be printed either ae or as the ligature æ) gives us tenebræ , which is Latin for "darknesses"; tacking the x onto the end crosses out what comes before it, tenebræ-x, as if to say, darknesses be gone! The "darknesses" are literal or metaphorical, suggesting the different technological problems the company specializes in solving. I like.

The ZINK technology looks really interesting, but how expensive will that paper be?

As for wireless power transfer, ThinkGeek took care of that years ago.…

And on CNN, is it the case that the interviewer couldn't even see the "holographic" subject? That's kinda lame, though not so lame as the the fake aura added to the image.

—Jim J.

G-Fav said...

Nice, an extension cord that doubles as a rodent-killer!

Anonymous said...

I thought that the hologram crap on CNN was just insultingly bad...