23 November 2008

Fives: Art for bit-heads

1. Anna Hepler's "Spin" documenting the motion of several hand-made spheres. At the simplest level, it looks like life imitating computer graphics, instead of the other way around. I wish I could see "Homage to Uccello" in person again, in which she captures the fleeting beauty of large collections of moving points... like fireflies or fireworks.

2. I posted this several years ago, but I still get a kick out of it. It's (Niklas Roy's?) "Graphikdemo," a green wireframe teapot suspended inside a Commodore PC that is rotated by black motors in response to keypresses. Seriously, check this out. I didn't know this guy also did "InternationalDanceParty," a weird boombox-robot that gets the party started.

3. C'mon, you don't like glitch art? (Sorry, yes, I've linked to this in the past, too. But all these years later I still love it - not sure if it's because it reminds me of my TRS-80 Color Computer, or something deeper.)

4. Game Mod, about modifying 8-bit games, or something. Give it one minute until giving up.

5. neural.it: "media art, e-music, hacktivism."


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