21 November 2008

Fives: (Newborn Edition) Ideas for Some Things New Parents Actually Need (Beyond, say, food and diapers)

1. The blue 65 cm yoga bouncey-ball, which has been the never-fail crying-stopping-solution in our house for two kids now. Plus, its spherical matte-blue perfection has an eerie alien aura to it. It looks like someone imported our house into one of those computer 3-D drawing tools and put a Phong-shaded primitive in our living room. I call it "unit sphere." Note: filling it to the specified diameter is tricky.

2. Tiny Love Gymini play mat, which we enjoy with more enthusiasm than just "tiny love."

3. Touchpoints - Birth to Three, by Dr. Brazelton of Children's Hospital Boston. And a good family medical book, like the one the Mayo Clinic puts out, as well as the proper thermometers, etc.

4. Do some research on good pediatricians a few months ahead of time. Actually meet with them, and chat with parents.

5. Before coming home, consider stocking your freezer with reheatable meals. Or, see if a friend will ask friends to contribute. In our case (thanks BC!) the cooking favor was paired with a request to please stay no longer than 15 minutes while the family settles in.

Bonus. Check ahead of time for the new-mom (or dad) playgroups - these are the people you and your newborn will get to know over many years. In the Boston area, Isis Maternity is a good connecting-point for such things.


ps Re: 1 - Or Gouraud, whatever.

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matthias said...

Brazelton was my pediatrician when I was a newborn (I'm told). How cool is that?