10 January 2009

Brief graphic design / packaging rant

Hi there -

It's possible that I'm drinking too much espresso-that-I-thought-was-coffee, reading webpages about how to use my Moka Express, and traveling to Helvetica-saturated continents. But have you seen the awful redesign of the Tropicana brand?

I was shopping at Stop & Shop and almost missed the orange juice section because it looked like a blankish wall of... I don't know... industrial-grade biochemical products, or no frills dry milk, or signage for a Swedish hospital.

No! It's the Tropicana redesign! Enjoy it here. (@ underconsideration.com )

Don't even get me started on the Eurostile-ification of MA, the newest victim being the Capitol Theatre (following the Alfewife typography mishap, I guess).

Woah, who put the extra snobby in my espresso today?



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