13 January 2009

Scott Kirsner on his _Inventing the Movies_; 3-D conference

Hi -

Just a quick note; if you are interested in the history of cinema or the ups-and-downs of marketing a disruptive technology, you might want to attend journalist Scott Kirsner's last two East Coast book tour events: Thurs. Jan. 15 (Concord Free Public Library) or Wed. Feb. 11's chat at the Boston Public Library. He'll be discussing his new book, Inventing the Movies.

Also, the SPIE-IS&T's Stereoscopic Displays and Applications conference is next week in San Jose, CA. 20th anniversary! Hoo-ah. You don't need to bring your anaglyph or polarized glasses, because, as all the cool kids know, they give them to you there.


ps Optics people: have you seen the great talks scheduled for the New England Section of the OSA? Photolithography, computational photography, and biological imaging...


Anonymous said...

are you going to be in sunny san jose?


G-Fav said...

Yup, from Sunday to Wednesday. Hey, you're in or near San Jose! Nothing like having that Adobe building stare down at you all day.

Oh, dude. I am totally booked, though. I'll email you if I'm suddenly free.