27 April 2009

Computerworld publicity, and MIT class

Hi -

A few months ago, photographer Sara Forrest profiled me as a part of a collection of pieces on various entrepreneurs and a bit of our personal side. It is running in this week's Computerworld magazine, viewable online. "The Grill: Gregg Favalora talks about 3-D imaging breakthroughs."

At the moment, I'm back at the office ingesting liquid and solid caffeine in preparation for a class that Joost Bonsen asked me to participate in this Wednesday night at MIT: MAS.964, Imaging Ventures. (Two hours! Whew.)

It was around this time of year back in 1997 that Joost was responsible for pushing me into their business plan writing competition, which led to my leaving Harvard, which led to starting Actuality. Last week, we began the process of winding down the company. So this is a good way to formalize a lot of my recent introspection about product development and entrepreneurship.


25 April 2009

Cambridge (Mass.) Science Festival this weekend

Hi - 

The Cambridge Science Festival starts today.  The schedule is here, and includes (plug!) hands-on optics exhibits for kids from noon-4pm sponsored by volunteers from the NES/OSA.

12:00pm - 4:00pm
Optics: Light at Work
Kresge Auditorium, MIT Campus, 48 Mass. Ave.
Carnival!  We have an "Optics Suitcase" filled with experiments that demonstrate the principles of light, such as transmission, refraction and reflection, in an entertaining, hands-on way. For instance, we have a water bath with optical components that demonstrates the effects of lenses. We have fiber optics made of Jello. We have an experiment with an overhead projector which shows why the sky is blue. And we have a huge kaleidoscope to demonstrate the properties of reflection. We will have give-aways for attendees, including beautiful Optics wall posters.


Long-overdue techie links

Hello - 

Posting has been light lately due to, well, life, and also business developments, of which I might speak later.  But until then a number of enticing things have accumulated in my "read later" folder, like:

500 Hats on entrepreneurship, or why you ought to be crazy to do it, or...

Wired.com on a pocket roll-out e-book reader I hadn't heard of

"Insane landing at St. Maarten airport." (YouTube)

Optics: A discussion about printing your own integral photographs at home.

Well, it should be nice and sunny tomorrow in Boston.  J-Fav and I are considering doing some morning Geocaching.  I still haven't found the one at the Uncle Sam statue in Arlington Center...


15 April 2009

Limited-time optics auction @ eBay

Hello, dear reader - 

Our company, Actuality Medical, has transitioned from 3-D display technology to software-based medical devices.  So?  We have a great collection of excellent-quality optical components and equipment for you to check out.

  • Optical tables
  • FireWire cameras
  • Collections of optics, like singlets, prisms, etc.
  • Translation stages
  • Other cool stuff, like SensAble Phantom OMNI haptic interfaces
Have fun!


08 April 2009

An experimental new Segway

Thanks to DP for pointing me to an experimental effort between Segway and GM, the P.U.M.A. It is a longer-range vehicle that strikes me as a cross between a car and a wheelchair. What do you think?

> P.U.M.A website
> Video: