27 April 2009

Computerworld publicity, and MIT class

Hi -

A few months ago, photographer Sara Forrest profiled me as a part of a collection of pieces on various entrepreneurs and a bit of our personal side. It is running in this week's Computerworld magazine, viewable online. "The Grill: Gregg Favalora talks about 3-D imaging breakthroughs."

At the moment, I'm back at the office ingesting liquid and solid caffeine in preparation for a class that Joost Bonsen asked me to participate in this Wednesday night at MIT: MAS.964, Imaging Ventures. (Two hours! Whew.)

It was around this time of year back in 1997 that Joost was responsible for pushing me into their business plan writing competition, which led to my leaving Harvard, which led to starting Actuality. Last week, we began the process of winding down the company. So this is a good way to formalize a lot of my recent introspection about product development and entrepreneurship.



Joost Bonsen said...


We're looking forward to having you join us in MAS.964 Imaging Ventures this Wed. Your sharing your personal venture experience and your core entrepreneurial ethos will be of tremendous value to our budding student-entrepreneurs.

I distinctly remember meeting you by chance in the Harvard Science Center after our IgNobel Prize Moments of Science performance that night. You were at the kiosk surfing the MIT Media Lab Wearables webpage, which I saw and is why I said hello!

Your dozen-plus years building Actuality are a goldmine of lessons-learned which simply must be refined and contributed to the common fund of useful knowledge!

Thanks much, Gregg.


Anonymous said...

Hi Gregg-

I've been sitting on the class (it's been great) and look forward to seeing you tonight.

- John Ellis optics for hire