28 May 2009

New dual-mode display: first pictures of Pixel Qi screen

Fresh out of the fab, see pictures of the Pixel Qi 3qi screen on the company's blog.

Why is this interesting?  According to Mary Lou,

We have been feverishly working on designing our first screen product We will be sampling our 10″ screens this spring and plan to be in high volume mass production this summer. These screens have an epaper state that rivals the best epaper on the market today. What’s different: unlike the other epaper products where one must wait a second or so to change the screen - we provide video rate refresh. Also, while we have a high resolution paper-white black and white, we also provide, in the same screen fully saturated color fidelity - the same as a standard laptop screen - same color, contrast resolution, field of view etc. Our screens consumer 25%-50% of the power of a regular notebook screen in their power savings modes and will be in available at comparable price points and volumes to standard LCD screens this summer. In addition, by integrating the screen with the electronics driving the screen a 5-fold increase in battery life between charges can be achieved.


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Matthias said...

Epaper with video-rate refresh? We'll have our Daily Prophet yet.