22 May 2009

Note to self: Genetic algorithms, Lego bridges, etc.

Hey there, self (and David Oliver),

Here are a few papers you've been looking for:

P. J. Funes and J. B. Pollack, "Computer Evolution of Buildable Objects for Evolutionary Design by Computers," in Evolutionary Design by Computers, P. Bentley (ed.) pp. 387-403 (1999).  (Dave, see around Fig. 10 for the crazy-looking Lego bridges that were evolved computationally.)

J. R. Koza, "A Genetic Approach to Finding a Controller to Back Up a Tractor-Trailer Truck," ACC (1992).  Includes the best-named section heading I've seen in a while, "THE TRUCK BACKER-UPPER PROBLEM."

I finally tracked down this Ph.D. thesis:

T. P. Meyer, "Long range predictability of high dimensional chaotic dynamics," Ph.D. thesis Univ. Ill. Urbana-Champaign (1992). [CCSR-91-17]

And finally, the oft-cited co-evolution paper:



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DDB said...

Hey G-

My old high school friend, Bill Mydlowec worked with Koza on a lot of genetic programming stuff - there may be some good papers there too.


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