28 June 2009

Where do things go when companies wind down? Boston Globe...

Good morning - 

New England's top tech / business journalist, Scott Kirsner, wrote an article about a topic that most entrepreneurs stay quiet about: what is the gritty reality (or what are the opportunities presented by) the "desks, PCs, patents up for grabs as more companies wind down?".

My startup, Actuality Systems, is one of the examples in the story.  Scott was one of the first journalists to cover Actuality (for Wired magazine in 2001!) - and I was willing to open up to him about our status in the hopes that other entrepreneurs would find it useful.  (Actuality has laid off its staff and is now contemplating various options regarding its valuable patent fortress in the space of 3-D technologies.)


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Matthias said...

May I suggest using your valuable patent fortress as a launching base for a robot invasion of Earth, as most evil geniuses would do? I assume that it is an actual physical fortress, also impregnable, otherwise would would the point be. I don't know where the space of 3-D technologies is located but it sounds like a fun place to visit.