28 August 2009

Mass High Tech profile

Hi there - 

I'm profiled in this week's Mass High Tech in a piece by Jim Connolly: "Gregg Favalora sets his sights on the optics industry."

Maybe it’s in his genes or maybe it was from his environment, but Gregg Favalora feels he was destined to work with optics and imaging. In fact he has been working with 3-D imaging since he was in junior high...


Joost Bonsen said...


Great stuff, as I commented directly on the MHT site. I'm glad you and John are connected. Hope you'll let me and our imaging ventures crew know how we might help ramp up the business and prospective spinoffs.


G-Fav said...

Thanks, Joost! Yes, of course, let's keep bouncing ideas off each other.