06 September 2009

Optics: 2 papers @ OSA meeting. Me on 3-D, and Accardi / Wornell on QUASI light fields

Hi - 

I finally posted the 2-pager for an invited talk I'm giving at the OSA's 93rd Annual Meeting (Frontiers in Optics 2009 / Laser Science XXV): "Progress in Volumetric Three-Dimensional Displays and Their Applications."

It'll be on Tuesday, Oct. 13 (2009) in San Jose, CA.

Also: Anthony Accardi and his advisor Gregory Wornell will be publicly presenting very creative and multi-disciplinary work, along the lines of their recent JOSA paper, "Quasi light fields: extending the light field to coherent radiation." For free previews, see the PDF of one of Anthony's recent talks mirrored at Prof. Raskar's site, or an earlier post on related topics at ArXiv.