31 December 2009

OFH acquires Actuality's assets. Actuality is officially closed.

Hello -

I'm pleased to announce that the optical and electronic systems development company OFH [www.opticsforhire.com] has acquired the assets of Actuality Systems, the 3-D visualization technology firm I co-founded 12 years ago. With that, Actuality formally dissolves today. Our first press release about this explains it.

Out of professional courtesy, we're not disclosing the terms of the deal.

OFH (Optics for Hire) is a wonderful product development company. 20+ talented optical, electronic, software, and mechanical engineers help our clients go from concept to prototype on a wide range of products. The common element is that almost everything involves optics, and even when it doesn't, the problems people bring us are usually quite challenging. I'm a principal there, so I am a senior accounts manager, salesperson, and engineering liaison.

By the way, no one could have convinced me that our technology development roller coaster would have taken these particular ups-and-downs: I started making 3-D displays in 1988, which was the summer after eighth grade, and certainly didn't expect that my first experiments with lasers in the basement would be end-bracketed by an event way off on New Year's Eve in 2009.

Some of you have suggested that I post a how-to of corporate dissolution, the list of steps that happen between final lay-off and actual formal wind-down, final taxes-paid, etc. If anyone wants my viewpoints on that, I'd be happy to post about it.

Until then, Happy New Year! Here's to new beginnings and innovative ideas.


29 December 2009

Cited in Gizmodo display piece re:3-D display

Hi -

Vanity aside, you might find Kate Greene's piece in Gizmodo interesting: "The Hunt for the Perfect Screen."

It touches on 3-D, LCDs, flexible displays, Pixel Qi, and other display technologies which either have made it... or are still trying.