31 March 2010

Highly multiview hologram-like 3-D display - explained on YouTube

Hi -

If you're interested in 3D-without-glasses ("autostereo"), then you might like this video. It explains the principles of a system that can make 3-D images as small as a mobile device, or as large as a desktop display (or larger).

As researchers have long recognized, it's difficult to make a 3-D display that's inexpensive, has a wide horizontal field of view, has a >XGA per-view resolution, and offers 100 or more views. (Even getting 12 views had been tricky.) The architecture in this video meets all of these requirements.

We built a prototype of this at Actuality Systems. Now Optics for Hire owns the patent application. You can see the application here, and a full list of OFH's 3-D IP here.



DDB said...

I enjoyed the soothing tones of your narration.

Matthias said...

Mmm... a large-scale continuous-scan beam-steering sandwich... tasty.

G-Fav said...

Yeah, when i was reading my script I thought to myself, "...sandwich?".

But, hey, it's a sandwich that really does project 3-D images, so, that's good.