05 June 2010

startup / corporate techies: NE Innovation Month

You're probably asleep under a log if you didn't hear about this by now, but June is Innovation Month 'round here in New England. This is a good excuse for all of us to go down Mass Ave and attend some of these cool events. And hooray to Scott Kirsner for helping make a lot of noise about this!


Getting back the powers of concentration we once had; maybe the product marketing was too good?

Hi -

Hey! You! Stop clicking around for a second, okay?

Maybe websites need admonitions like that, to slow us down and put us into a gear in which we're primed to be a bit more contemplative. Why? I used to pride myself on having regularly-scheduled time for thinking - i.e., sitting-quietly-with-a-notebook-and-pen-thinking - and something about the Internet has oozed into that time.

Do you feel that way, too? Here is an article and a book:

NPR re: The Shallows - This is Your Brain Online: "...Neuroscientists and psychologists have discovered that, even as adults, our brains are very plastic," [The Shallows's author Nicholas] Carr explains. "They're very malleable, they adapt at the cellular level to whatever we happen to be doing. And so the more time we spend surfing, and skimming, and scanning ... the more adept we become at that mode of thinking."" Link. (h/t my Uncle Ron)

Thinkertoys: A Hanbook of Creative-Thinking Techniques (2e) (Amazon) - Impressed me with its abundance of creativity-enhancing methodologies. Try taking it out of your library (WorldCat).


ps Oh, about the "...product marketing..." in the Title. Maybe the product-definition experts figured it out all-to-well at the firms that make our mobile devices and Web 2.0 websites. Are we addicted? Does it take too much of an effort to "just stop clicking on Facebook / poking at one's handheld / browsing the web instead of pushing our kids on the swingset"? I'm a technologist. Heck, I'm a technologist into futuristic trappings like holographic video. Why am I sounding like a luddite?

02 June 2010

Off FB (to my friends)

Hello -

I deactivated my Facebook account again because it was proving too interesting and time-consuming! (Can't you all start leading less interesting lives?) I'm also troubled by various privacy issues, but that's really secondary.

"Deactivated" is really a misnomer; all one needs to do is log back in again. So, if this FB-vacuum is too much for me to take, I'll just return. But in the meantime, you all know where you can find me.